Managed forex accounts

The demand for trust management services is constantly growing. Previously, it was a service to

search for a day with fire, now it has become as accessible as the purchase of household
appliances via the Internet. The only question is the choice of market, company and strategy for
transferring funds to management.

With the rapid development of the forex market in the past decade, the ability to trade and gain
experience in the trade appeared in almost every person. As a result, private traders appeared
who believed that they were trading well, but they didn’t have enough own capital to trade and
could easily manage foreign capital for a fee.
For the trader, one of the problems of direct trust management is the moment of transferring the
reward. The funds already earned by the trader, the investor must first withdraw from the trading
account and from the broker, and then transfer them to the trader by means of payment systems
or bank transfer. In contrast to the PAMM sites, where everything is automated and occurs inside
the broker, this method of transferring remuneration to the manager seems to me very
 On the other hand, people who have money, and who want their money to work without their
participation, at all times were more than enough. And it is quite obvious that private traders in
the forex market and investors were not looking for each other for long.
 If previously companies of foreign origin were engaged in this in the CIS, today, specialists who
have grown up with us, have passed several crises and know the specifics of work with regard to
internal factors are already beginning to prevail. If earlier the entry threshold for this type of
investment was in the range of $ 100,000, now these figures have decreased to $ 5–10 thousand.
USA, everything depends on the company's policy.
 Previously, the choice was offered by one to two markets for investment, now almost any stock
exchange in the world, as well as the foreign exchange market Forex. Our company is more
inclined towards foreign exchange markets, due to its constant activity and unlimited liquidity.
Reasonable trade management on forex, to all, allows you to achieve the results of profits that
can not really wait on the bank deposit. In the conditions of financial crises that constantly
accompany the CIS countries, our company offers both aggressive strategies aimed at
maximizing profit in the process of managing accounts in the forex market, and conservative,
guaranteeing a stable small income with minimal risks. At the same time, there is a hedging
(insurance) foreign exchange risk service aimed at preserving capital from inflation.